|| उत्तिष्ठ भारत ||

Latur earthquake in 1993 happened when was the President of the Federation of Indian Associations in the US. . We had decided to donate – we did a concert and collected a few thousand dollars, but there was a great desire to donate in-kind as well. One of the volunteers ran a campaign to collect […]

The End Of Romance – The Book is Released

Two genders made by nature coexisted comfortably forever, till about a few hundred years ago when men and women started identifying themselves differently. These identities started hardening over time and today they appear to be a different species in many situations. Sometimes laugh-out-loud, at times, deeply poignant, and at other times, provoking and questioning, The End […]

We are doomed

The reason Brahmans don’t fight back is that they actually believe in the fake narrative of exploitation by Brahmans in past. So, everyone keeps humiliating and depriving them, and they believe that they deserve it. . When laws are made to beat up the Brahman minority and jail them without evidence, nobody fights the lawmakers. […]