Congress Party strategy for seeking votes

Congress kept us at the bottom and declared that too a favour. . They compared us with poor Pakistan and Ghana, and declared themselves successful. A 1% telephone ownership was big. They made us target low, and instilled a deep inferiority complex. . BJP/Vajpayee and BJP/Modi always looked at the top and aspired to equal […]

Indian Laws

Indian laws love punishment without any investigation: the torture begins the moment a person of lower standing disagrees with a person of higher standing. . Our society has decided that is women, SC/ST and, in some cases, non-Hindus are privileged – just like the Mughals/British, and just a word from them is adequate to start […]

|| उत्तिष्ठ भारत ||

Higher fuel price is good because it generates large funds for building productive assets. . Increased prices should also help change habits. Cars in India are more about luxury than a need, and taking buses is considered a sign of poverty. . High prices affect the rich more, so this is an added tax without […]

|| उत्तिष्ठ भारत ||

Latur earthquake in 1993 happened when was the President of the Federation of Indian Associations in the US. . We had decided to donate – we did a concert and collected a few thousand dollars, but there was a great desire to donate in-kind as well. One of the volunteers ran a campaign to collect […]

The End Of Romance – The Book is Released

Two genders made by nature coexisted comfortably forever, till about a few hundred years ago when men and women started identifying themselves differently. These identities started hardening over time and today they appear to be a different species in many situations. Sometimes laugh-out-loud, at times, deeply poignant, and at other times, provoking and questioning, The End […]

We are doomed

The reason Brahmans don’t fight back is that they actually believe in the fake narrative of exploitation by Brahmans in past. So, everyone keeps humiliating and depriving them, and they believe that they deserve it. . When laws are made to beat up the Brahman minority and jail them without evidence, nobody fights the lawmakers. […]

|| उत्तिष्ठ भारत ||

I use only parts of my left hand when I argue with the English-mediums on any topic, but I always completely surrender to the uneducated villagers. . The uneducated carry the knowledge and wisdom of 5000 years. I see Chanakya talking through mouths. I experience Vashishtha in them. Valmiki, Agastya, Vyas still living in them. […]

|| उत्तिष्ठ भारत ||

Indians are not good at sports because the sports are not Indian. . Just like the English language, we have just recently imposed the ‘global’ sports on us. Other than a few English-medium schools and hi-fi clubs, Indians do not play tennis, squash, soccer, or badminton. Only 0.1% have access. . So, we play their […]

|| उत्तिष्ठ भारत ||

White people are the global authority on morality. This belief of Indians also makes the media highlight an opinion of a few hundred anti-Hindus as a global rating. . We unconsciously feel that Whites are superior to us and that we must be a ‘good boy’ to continue their patronage. Other countries would have just […]

Realty Plus-Key Elements for Developing Smart Cities (An Interview)

Amitabh Satyam is the Chief Mentor at Smart Transformations.  A graduate of IIT, Kanpur with an MBA from Fisher College of Business, USA, Amitabh was earlier the Managing Partner at SAP and the global consulting leader for Telecom and IoT at IBM.  He has recently authored the book named “The Smart City Transformations”.  For source link […]

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