The End of Romance: Lessons in Patriarchy, Feminism, Rights and Privileges

Two genders made by nature coexisted comfortably forever, till about a few hundred years ago when men and women started identifying themselves differently. These identities started hardening over time and today they appear to be a different species in many situations. Sometimes laugh-out-loud, at times, deeply poignant, and at other times, provoking and questioning, The End of Romance is a fantastic, one-of-its-kind take on patriarchy and feminism, rights and privileges, abuse and consent, and cultures and laws related to men-women conflicts. Peppered with anecdotes, real-life incidents and everyday stories, the book discusses the natural, cultural and religious influences on the man-woman relationship and how this has evolved over time. The author asks questions few would ever utter: Is our society increasingly becoming anti-men? If so, will this lead to any good? Are gender dynamics always tilted only to benefit one gender? Can we ever achieve equality? These are debated with an analysis of the privileges of women and the abuse of men, a discussion on the prevailing myths, followed by recommendations on how the relationship can be brought back to equal. Unabashed, hilarious, and at times caustic, The End of Romance signals what most of us miss: Oppressive societies do not survive, whoever it may benefit at the moment.