The Games India Plays: Indian Sports Simplified

Glamorous sports such as cricket, tennis and golf require costly equipment and space. Lack of access can dishearten young sports enthusiasts. However, there are games that originated in India such as atya-patya, lagori, gilli danda, nondi and kabaddi that require little infrastructure or gear. The Game India Plays Playdescribes fifteen such games that schools and colleges can integrate into their sports class. Those living in apartment complexes and crowded neighbourhoods can play these games, and sports clubs can use these to organize competitions. With the rise in digital games, many children have not experienced the fun of physical sports played in a group. All the games in this book entail physical activities and ensure that all the players are actively involved at all times. The fun quotient is high as team work. If you don’t play sports because you don’t have a tennis court or cricket grounds within your reach, why not play right where you live and have ten times more fun?