Indian Laws

Indian laws love punishment without any investigation: the torture begins the moment a person of lower standing disagrees with a person of higher standing. . Our society has decided that is women, SC/ST and, in some cases, non-Hindus are privileged – just like the Mughals/British, and just a word from them is adequate to start […]

|| उत्तिष्ठ भारत ||

Latur earthquake in 1993 happened when was the President of the Federation of Indian Associations in the US. . We had decided to donate – we did a concert and collected a few thousand dollars, but there was a great desire to donate in-kind as well. One of the volunteers ran a campaign to collect […]

The End Of Romance – The Book is Released

Two genders made by nature coexisted comfortably forever, till about a few hundred years ago when men and women started identifying themselves differently. These identities started hardening over time and today they appear to be a different species in many situations. Sometimes laugh-out-loud, at times, deeply poignant, and at other times, provoking and questioning, The End […]

|| उत्तिष्ठ भारत ||

I use only parts of my left hand when I argue with the English-mediums on any topic, but I always completely surrender to the uneducated villagers. . The uneducated carry the knowledge and wisdom of 5000 years. I see Chanakya talking through mouths. I experience Vashishtha in them. Valmiki, Agastya, Vyas still living in them. […]

|| उत्तिष्ठ भारत ||

Indians are not good at sports because the sports are not Indian. . Just like the English language, we have just recently imposed the ‘global’ sports on us. Other than a few English-medium schools and hi-fi clubs, Indians do not play tennis, squash, soccer, or badminton. Only 0.1% have access. . So, we play their […]

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White people are the global authority on morality. This belief of Indians also makes the media highlight an opinion of a few hundred anti-Hindus as a global rating. . We unconsciously feel that Whites are superior to us and that we must be a ‘good boy’ to continue their patronage. Other countries would have just […]

I had hit the right bull really hard

I had hit the right bull really hard, twice, as he was trying to eat grass from the basket of the lady who was carrying it alongside. As a child, I was not able to control my bullock cart. I could not focus on working in the fields that entire day. I kept going back […]