I had hit the right bull really hard, twice, as he was trying to eat grass from the basket of the lady who was carrying it alongside. As a child, I was not able to control my bullock cart.

I could not focus on working in the fields that entire day. I kept going back to the bull, caressing him, hoping he would accept my apology.

Not just me, almost all Hindus take care of animals like that. The fact that I remember this even 38 years later, shows.

Each person in the PETA country, that is the USA, eats 120 kilos of meat per year. In India, it is 4.4, and if you exclude non-Hindus, then it is less than 2-kilos per year.

How does PETA get to tell Hindus to be nice to animals? It is the sickest drama ever of epic proportions.

And how does PETA get to control our supreme court? American influence is fine but this much?

We must persist with our revolt.

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