Congress Party strategy for seeking votes

Congress kept us at the bottom and declared that too a favour. . They compared us with poor Pakistan and Ghana, and declared themselves successful. A 1% telephone ownership was big. They made us target low, and instilled a deep inferiority complex. . BJP/Vajpayee and BJP/Modi always looked at the top and aspired to equal […]

|| उत्तिष्ठ भारत ||

Indians are not good at sports because the sports are not Indian. . Just like the English language, we have just recently imposed the ‘global’ sports on us. Other than a few English-medium schools and hi-fi clubs, Indians do not play tennis, squash, soccer, or badminton. Only 0.1% have access. . So, we play their […]

India as world leader -Prachii Inaugural Leadership Conference Proceedings

The inaugural leadership conference hosted by Prachii Foundation on 27 November 2016 at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore registered a significant success with eminent leaders from business, politics, government, and the social sector participating both as speakers and participants. Various facets of the conference theme, “Towards India Being a Vishwa Guru Again,” or “India as World Leader […]